Original closure caps

As a competent solutions provider working globally in this market, we offer caps and the corresponding special machinery to reliably secure KEG fittings. Originating from an idea more than 30 years ago, SIGL developed into a supplier providing global cover.

From initial concept right through to the finished product, we consider ourselves an expert partner to contact for tamper-proof closures for your goods. Our range includes uncompromising and reliable products for almost all sizes of fitting and variations. First-class goods, reliable delivery and the ultimate in quality - we are happy to meet these demands. Because safety and purity are particularly important in your field. Convince yourself of the quality of our products, and please do not hesitate to contact us.

Securely protect against manipulation

The entire portfolio from a single source

SIGL caps

Snap-on and shrink-fit caps for securing KEG fittings

Caps for all KEG fittings – shrink-fit, snap-on and dust caps with diameters 63mm to 75mm, made of impact-resistant and environmentally friendly polystyrene. All caps are 100% recyclable, available in over 20 different colours and can be customised with your logo, on request.

SIGL special machinery

Cap applicators and shrink fit machinery for up to 1,800 barrels/h

In addition to producing caps for KEG fittings, we are the only solutions provider in the marketplace able to offer our customers matching cap applicators and shrink-fit machines. We have successfully developed and designed individual special machinery for this industry worldwide for over 30 years.

Better to go straight to the professionals

Maximum safety and purity - without compromising

100% Recyclable

Conforms to foodstuff requirements

Made in ­Germany

Utmost quality

Reliable delivery

40 years’ experience

SIGL - Your solution provider

First-class goods, reliable delivery and the ultimate in quality

Whether by combi-fitting, flat fit or triangular fitting - thousands of SIGL caps are processed every day for secure closures for beer barrels and wine kegs. Our customers include large breweries with production sites all over the world. But smaller craft beer breweries also work with our caps and special machinery.

What started out as an idea in 1988 has developed over time to become one of the market leaders in the field of shrink-caps. More than 350 customers worldwide already rely on SIGL products.

Learn more about the history of the SIGL brand.

Branding, individualisation & more

Use different individualisation options to increase your brand awareness


Closure caps designed with sustainability in mind - the ECO-LINE from SIGL

Closure caps and sustainability - how do these fit together? Our ECO-LINE provides the answer to this. Our ECO-LINE represents a future-proof and sustainable concept for classic closure caps, convincing through its safety, purity and sustainability.

Branding & individualisation

Numerous colours and diverse possibilities, to position your brand ideally

With our large choice of cap colours available and diverse customisation options, we offer you a wide range of solutions for positioning your brand in the best possible way, on individual caps.